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June 5, 2011
MissPurplePotato has made a comment on Jody's Scrapbooking Episode 5: His & Hers:

Love the humor, thanks! OMG, this was hilariious. I gotta show this to my scrapbook group. Keep 'em coming! How our husbands put up with our scrapbooking hobby, I'll never know. We feel it's 'artistic expression' but it is definitely not an "IN" hobby. Kudos to your wonderful hubby or like we like to say in the scrapbook world, "SCRUBBY".

May 12, 2010
Hi Jody and Vic,
Just got the chance to view your last podcast. Congratulations on the birth of your Grandson. What a special time for you and your family. Ken and I just got back from Barcelona, Spain, where we were visiting my Nephew Matthew who was studying abroad. What a great city, clean, dog friendly. Food was Yuck! And Ken was robbed on day two. Thank goodness they only got our video camera. He was warned. Unfortunately he put his camera bag down in the park and that fast it was gone. There were five of us on the trip, so there are many great photos to scrapbook. Loved your Christmas card book also. I have all my photos ready to do one. I just have to get started. Make sure you buy the Child's Year Cartridge for your Cricut. I'm sutr you'll make little Vic a great scrapbook. Take care.
Debbie in Penndel, PA

3/21/2010: I found you today, so funny i had to keep watching.

2/10/2010: Thanks from Germany
Hi! I´m from Gemany and I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Unfortunately i don´t understand what you say, cause my enlish is not good enough. But i always understand: "IN HD" and i always lough on this passage. You bring mie a lot of fun and your creative ideas are wonderful. So i hope i will see a lot of videos in the future of you and your hobby. hope you did understand what i wrote. Thank you for doing so nice videos!

12/19/2009 Denise5821 has made a comment on Jody's Scrapbooking Episode 22: The Cricut:

Everyones videos should be in HD!! Way to go Jody!

10/17/2009 sashasquashi has made a comment on Jody's Scrapbooking Episode 23:
lol i love seeing youtwo

Hi! Been scrapping for about 8 years and love it. I lived in Scotland for a few years and it was hard to find materials...where were you then? Ha! I needed some of your ideas on making my own! Now in AK and there are great stores, crops, and photo taking opportunities. I watch your episodes via podcasts and they crack me up. I started with 8 1/2 by 11 too and now do mainly 12 by 12 and a lot of mini albums as gifts. Thanks for being out there! More episodes please.


Hi I love your pod cast. I just found it and have watched a few of them. I love it. I have been a scrapbooker for 9 years now and I am always trying to learn new stuff. I did have a problem getting your pod cast to sync to my i pod. I did send a message to Apple about it to.

I do notice you use alot of Creative Memories stuff. I use it too. So it is great to see new ideas for the stuff I already have and I don't have to go and buy new stuff to make new pages. Keep them coming.

Mrs. Tasha M

I love your show. I think it's great! You an your husband have a great
banter on the show. I also use CM supplies but I also like how you incorporate
non-CM embellishments into your album. Keep up the great work and keep those
shows coming!

WOW, congrats on 1yr.. and I FOR 1 Aussie gal, still loves to see what you
share, so thanks heaps for



Hi Jody and Vic,

Just wanted to say 'hi' from the UK and to thank you for the effort you
both put into the videos. It's a fantastic way to get ideas for both
beginners and more advanced scrapbookers alike, and you've really helped me
out with giving me ideas for layouts and other tips and tricks. I came across
your podcast on itunes, and had to subscribe. Vic - I love your 'manly way
to scrap' - it was so funny!

I've not watched all the episodes yet, I'm working my way through them
from the first one, but I'm looking forward to putting your tips and ideas
to good use!

Thanks again for doing this!


Hi Jody and Vic,

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed watching your videos on iTunes. I am
a beginner with scrapbooking and have been taking notes. I downloaded and
watched all of your episodes today and cannot wait to try them. :) Thanks so
much, and keep them coming!


Love your show! Especially because it is in HD. You give alot of great ideas
and tips. The cruise ship location shoot was really cool. I love taking
cruises...7 already. Next time, I will look for scrap classes on board. Keep
up the great shows.

Charlene F.

I'm having trouble downloading your videos on to my Ipod Touch. Are these
videos compadable with the ipod touch. I really enjoy watching them thru my
computer, but would like to carry them with me in my ipod touch.
Hopefully, you can fix this problem. I have a couple of friends who are into this hobby and
receive for xmas the ipod touch, so I'm mention them where to download videos on scrap/card making.


Alejandra U.

For our fans who wish to watch the show on their iPod you can easily convert it in iTunes. We publish the show in the AppleTV format as it gives a higher quality picture from our HD camcorder. If you downloaded the episode from iTunes you simply select the episode you want to convert (don't open it by double clicking) and go to the top of the iTunes program and select "Advanced" and then select "create ipod or iphone version" from the drop down menu. iTune will create a duplicate that will play on your ipod!

You guys were so cute on your cruise. My husband and I are big cruisers and I
even got to take a scrapbooking cruise last year with Diva Craft Lounge. I
loved getting together with women from all over the country and seeing their
work. I thought I was an average scrapper, but I was pleasantly surprised to
realize I am alot better than I thought. I love saving all those "this and
dats" to put in my scrapbooks. We will be cruising the Panama Canal for 14
days soon and I am sure I will come home with hundreds of photos. Gotta love
digital. Hope your cruise was all you hoped it would be. Keep up
the good
Debbie K.
Penndel, PA.

Oh God, it's another Australian! =)

I'm really enjoying your shows. And Vic, you're such a hoot. I even
tried out the Tic-Tac-Toe layout this week. I did it with the sewing machine
though. It was a lot of fun. A great way to get multiple photos on a page.

Looking forward to more of your ideas Jody.

G-Day Jody and Vic,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say your much loved down here in
Australia too! Myself and my daughter watch each episode and we love it,
especially when Vic showed us his "man-way to scrap" too

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your scrappy life with us, and hope to see
more in the near future,

((HUGS)) your #1 Aussie Fan,

ps - I've added your link to my blog so hopefully more Aussie's will
fall in love with ya's!


I love watching your podcasts on iTunes. I just started scrapbooking and love it! You have some really great ideas and I am going to try them. Also, your husband is hilarious. Keep up the good work.



Hi Guys,

Jody, love your show and your husband is a real hoot! I've been
scrapbooking about 5 years and have enough supplies to outlast my lifetime. Vacations are my favorite to scrap. I love looking back through the albums.
It seems like I can relive the memories just looking at by albums. Any tips on how to make more time to scrap? Also, maybe you could do a show on how to host your own crop.
Looking forward to more shows.
Debbie K
Penndel, PA

Hi Jody and Vic!

Thank you so much for your show! Your very informative on your
tips and Vic makes the show as if I were sitting in your living room cropping
together! Thank you again! Keep them coming!

Momma Liia



Thanks for your comments on my show!

Jody Senese